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FAQs and Cost



Q1. Hey Karaoke Rob, what services do you offer?

A1. We offer Karaoke Kruzes!


Q2. Okay, so what's a Karaoke Kruz?

A2. It’s truly one of the most krazy-fun karaoke experiences a group of friends can have in Omaha, NE!! Check out a few of the video clips below! 😍


Q3. What kind of vehicle do you use? A helicopter?

A3. A bus is the vehicle of choice. 🚁


Q4. What kind of bus?

A4. The Karaoke Kruzin’ bus is a completely custom Ford F550 outfitted with all kinds of fun things! 🚌


Q5. Fun things like?

A5. Two wireless microphones, a tablet for you to select songs, two 32″ TVs, colored LED lighting that syncs to the music, black lights, and a 12,000+ watt sound system! 🎀


Q6. How many passengers can the bus accomodate?

A6. The bus has seating with seatbelts for 24 passengers comfortably.


Q7. Are yummies part of the deal?

A7. Of course! All the bottled water and Starburst you can handle! 🍭


Q8. So, what's the hourly rate for a Karaoke Kruze?

A8. Thanks for asking! Hourly rates as follows:

  • $20 per person for the first hour.
  • $15 per person for each additional hour.

Q9. Do you operate with normal hours and peak hours?

A9: We sure do! *** Peak Hours *** run from 600p till 1200a (midnight) on Friday and Saturday. All other hours shown on the Availability Calendar above are normal hours.


Q10. What's the difference between normal hours and peak hours?

A10. There’s one itty bitty difference.

  • During peak hours, the suggested minimum group size is 12 people, i.e. a half-full bus. Totally fine if there are fewer than 12 people. The total cost for the group will be the same as if the bus was half-full.
  • During normal hours, the suggested minimum group size is 8 people, i.e. a 1/3 full bus. Totally fine if there are fewer than 8 people. The total cost for the group will be the same as if the bus was 1/3 full.

Q11. What if the Kruz is less than 1 hour? We're just looking to Kruz from point 'A' to point 'B', like a big fun Uber.

A11. So glad you asked! The cost will be somewhere between $6 per person and $20 per person. Please email, text, or call for a fast ‘n free quote. πŸš€


Q12. Will I need to give you a deposit?

A12. For Kruzes 4 hours and longer, we’ll need an $80 per hour non-refundable deposit. For Kruzes less than 4 hours, a deposit is not required.


Q13. Do you do weddings?

A13. We absolutely do weddings! Wedding Kruzes and wedding shuttling can add a super fun highlight to your special day!


Q14. Christmas light Kruzes in December πŸŽ„

A14. Our specialty. ☺️


Q15. Do you Kruz to Husker home games? 😊

A15. Literally one of our favorite things to do. $30 per person each way, $60 per person round trip, minimum suggested group size is 12 people.


Q16. Is vaping allowed?

A16. As long as everyone else on the bus is good with it, so are we.

Q17. Is smoking allowed?

A17. No smoking of any kind.


(402) 875-0955

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